Peter Roth Photography
Peter Roth has been photographing Nature since 1975. Many have said that his thousands of photographs capture the simplicity, stillness, and wonder intimately communicated by perfect moments in Nature. As he describes it, his intuitive process feels more like giving, rather than taking, a picture. He gives a frame to a scene, and then gives that scene to others, so that they may share and enjoy the inspiration he felt when he snapped the shutter.


Peter has discovered that the beauty and wonder of Nature is truly infinite, as are all the points of view from which to appreciate it.


For many years, his favourite place to photograph has been the wild, eastern shore of Georgian Bay, with its windswept pines and crystal waters. Over the past decade, a new frontier has emerged through his lenses—Space—evocative of the mystical, and boundless in its scope. In his pursuit of astrophotography, his wish is simply to inspire those who view his pictures to feel beyond the everyday stress of ordinary life, into something profound and wondrous: the miracle of existence.

The Night Sky


are adrift

in an ocean of stars,

a shoreless expanse

of unknowable depths,

a vastness so great,

it eludes all comprehension.

The glow overhead

is the light streaming forth

from billions of suns

which form our galaxy’s arms.

Billions and trillions of galaxies float

in the silent velvet Black.

If we turn from our stress

and look up,

it is there,

still there,

always there,

and ever so quiet.

So pause for a moment,

an hour,

a night,

breathe in and feel

where we are.

Perceive the universe directly,

in all of its exquisite beauty,

its absolute mystery,

its wordless wonder.

And drink

of the fullness

of Infinite Possibility.

~ Peter Roth

photo: Orion courtesy of Peter Roth Photography