For thousands of years, people of many cultures have used gems and minerals for healing and transformative purposes. Independent of one another, these diverse and distant groups have often reached similar conclusions about the properties of gems and minerals. This being said, gemstone properties are not definitive. The modern crytal lover must use thier own intuition and inner guidance when working with the energies of the mineral kingdom. Your personal feeling about a stone or crystal is more valid than anything you may read.  Quite simply, if a stone feels good to you, it is likely a good choice for you. So consider this list as merely a place to begin…  Below are the traditional symbolic meanings, properties and uses of Crystals and Gems.


Abalone Shell: harmony in relationships, gentleness, intuition
Agate: protection, confidence, luck, strength
  Blue Lace: calms and soothes nerves
  Botswana: exploring the unknown, being true to oneself
  Crazy Lace: laughter, decision making, focus, protection
  Dalmation: joy, cheerfulness, humour
  Dendritic: abundance, enjoyment of each moment
  Fire: vitality, energy, overcoming addictions
  Moss: balances emotions, strengthens positive traits
  Tree: relaxation, abundance, contemplation, healthy plants
Alexandrite: believed to be a master healer, regenerative, creativity, manifestation
Amazonite: well-being and health, calms emotions (worry, fear)
Amber: regarded as a powerful healing stone, sacred to native cultures, memory
Amethyst: spirituality, meditation, creativity, addiction release, restful sleep
Ametrine: peace, lifts depression, clarity, releases blockages
Ammonite: seen as healing, energy flow in body (Feng Shui), luck
Ammolite: protection stone, childbirth, supports new projects
Anandalite: reveals soul’s purpose, joy, clearing, balancing
Angel Aura: clearing, contact with Angels, past-life remembrance
Angelite: peace, balance, awareness, connectivity to Angels
Apache Tear: protects aura from negativity, comfort in grief, luck
Apatite: creativity, intellect, reduces appetite
Apophyllite: meditation, connection to spiritual realms
Aqua Aura: inner beauty, intuition, communication, calmness
Aquamarine: clarity, calmness, tolerance
Aragonite: centering, patience, meditation
Astrophyllite: heightens perception, releases old patterns
Atlantisite: peace, calmness, emotional balance, awareness
Aventurine: said to heal childhood and life traumas, soothes suffering
  Aventurine (blue): patience, mental/emotional flexibility, strength to endure illness and pain
Azeztulite: enlightenment, evolution, purity, positivity, flow
  Azeztulite (gold): master manifestation stone, openness to Spirit and flow, harmonizes actions with will, focuses intention


Barite Rose: stimulates dreaming and dream recall, motivation
Beryl: sociability, relationship
Bismuth: helps with feelings of isolation, help a team achieve its goals
Bloodstone: good heart, circulation, vitality
Boji Stone: grounding, balances male and female energy
Bronzite: willpower, confidence, empowerment


  Angel Wing: spirituality, meditation, relaxation
  Cobaltoan: love, compassion, self-discovery (life purpose)
  Blue: calmness of mind and emotions
  Green: wisdom, applying past lessons to the present, soothes pain (migraines)
  Optical: regarded as a healer, for clearer vision, communication
  Orange: joy, happiness, humour
  Pink (mangano): forgiveness, love, releases fear/grief/anxiety
  Red: willpower, vitality, uplifting, removes stagnant energy
  White: new beginnings, motivation, purification
Carnelian: energy, prosperity, business success, awareness
Cat’s Eye: intuition, confidence, happiness, good luck
Celestite: celestial connections, spirituality, calmness
Chalcedony: creativity, artistic expression, goodwill
Chalcopyrite: (peacock ore), perception, protection
Charoite: openings, opportunities, new possibilities, optimism
Chiastolite: protection, balances left and right brain
Chrysacolla: balances and clears emotions (fear, guilt, anxiety, tension), feminine healer
Chrysoprase: awakening hidden talents and true potential
Citrine: prosperity, abundance, joy, manifestation of your visions
Clevelandite: life changes, equanimity, intuition, transformation
Copper: arthritis and rheumatism, joint pain relief
Covelite: promotes humility, well-being, self-acceptance, self-love
Creedite: procrastination, decisions, access ancient knowledge


Danburite: opens the heart, cooperation, enhances intellect
Desert Rose: grounding, clarity of thought, serenity
Diamond: purity, clarity of the Higher Self, faithfulness
Dioptase: forgiveness, release, acceptance of change
Dumortierite: organization, discipline, acceptance of reality


Emerald: tranquility, virtue, love, prosperity
Epidote: enhances perception, offers courage and self-esteem


Fairy Stones: friendship, prosperity, protection, good luck
Flint: strength and insight to deal with stressful situations
Fluorite: harmony, balance, meditation, brings order to chaos
Fulgurite: transformation, prophecy, manifestation


Garnet: sexuality, emotional depth and commitment
  Garnet (black): honesty, truth, dispels negative emotions
  Garnet (green): confidence, stability in challenges
Gold: symbol for immortality, eternity and excellence
Goldstone: ambition, energy, courage, confidence, optimism
  Goldstone (blue): expansive vision, creativity, self expression


Hematite: grounding, memory, concentration
Hemimorphite (blue): self-development, inner strength
Hemimorphite (pink): goal-setting, responsibility, relieves angst
Herkimer Diamond: believed to be healing, magnifies energy and intention
Hiddenite: new beginnings, acceptance, links mind and heart
Howlite: restful sleep, self-acceptance, generosity, releases anger
Hypersthene: self-esteem, expression, ease in social situations


Infinite: (regarded as a healer’s stone) for healing physical and emotional pain
Iolite:  spirituality, inner guidance, soul connection


Jade: love, attraction, good luck, prosperity
  Jade (lemurian): wisdom, gratitude, protection, balances male and female energy, good for couples
Jasper: grounding, will-power, organization, honesty, imagination
  Green: said to be for health/healing, rejuvenating sleep, empathy, compassion
  Leopard Skin: spiritual discovery, considered to be self-healing
  Ocean: joy, high spirits, self-love, benevolence
  Picture: harmony, releases repression, alleviates fear
  Polychrome: stability, passion, vitality, balances emotions
  Rainforest: meditation, change and progress
  Red: protection against negativity, insight, dream recall
  Zebra: procrastination, endurance, action towards goals
Jet: reduces mood swings, depression and fears


Kunzite: opens the heart, strengthens the mind against mental illness
Kyanite: spirituality, balances chakras, tranquility, loyalty, honesty
  Kyanite (black): decisiveness, clears blocked energy


Labradorite: strength, personal growth, life changes
  Labradorite (golden): visualization, clairvoyance, channeling
Lapis Lazuli: self-expression, communication, creativity
Larimar: tranquility, new perspectives, release of old patterns
Lepidolite: reduces stress, despondency, mental illness
Lodestone: magnetic, draws out pain from tissues


Malachite: transformation, releases unconscious trauma
Meteorite: for contemplation upon infinity, space and time
Mica: grounds one in reality and positivity
Moldavite: accelerated spiritual growth and evolution
Mookaite: dream exploration, grounding, connection to Earth
Moonstone: travel protection, calms emotions, intuition
  Moonstone (rainbow): travel, luck, beginnings and endings, nurtures feminine energies and cycles
Moqui Ball: vision quests, balances male/female energies
Morganite: Divine love, attracts love, trust, inner joy, strength
Mother of Pearl: peace, believed to hold the healing energy of the sea, equanimity


Nebula Stone: renewal, fulfillment, highest aspirations
Nuummite: (magician’s stone) protection, grounding, meditation


  Black: protection from negativity, strengthens energy field
  Mahogany: strength, belief, faith
  Rainbow: prophesy, psychic ability, perception, acute senses
  Sheen: hidden talents, aligns one’s will to the Divine Will
  Snowflake: purity, balances mind, body and spirit, change
Onyx (black): protection, alleviates grief
Opal: hope, good dreams, childbirth
  Opal (fire): awakens inner fire, hope, success in business
  Opal (peruvian blue): soothing, enhances communication
Orgonite: protection from EMF, transmutation of energy


Pearl: faith, charity, innocence, overcoming oppression and pain
Peridot: clarity, patience, positive outlook
Petalite: higher awareness, insight, consider for familial healing, vision quests
Phenacite: clears, cleanses, activates chakras, spiritual growth
Picasso Stone: (artist stone) removes artistic blocks, creative inspiration, self-discipline, friendship
Pietersite: balances chakras, meditation, conflict resolution
Petrified Wood: past-life recall, longevity
Prehnite: receptivity, self-love, spiritual growth, boosts immunity
Pyrite: protection from negative vibrations, very grounding
Pyrite Sun: strengthens mind, luck, optimism in difficult times


Quartz Crystal: (regarded as a master healer) magnifies energy/intentions
  Brandberg: compassion, forgiveness, believed to be for healing
  Candle: insight into life mission, fulfillment, hope, faith, belief
  Double Terminated: focuses energy through both points
  Elestial: (regarded as a master healer) transformation, wisdom
  Lemurian Seed: equality, unconditional love, spirituality
  Nirvana: unconditional love, elevated consciousness
  Phantom: patience, trust in the universe, for stagnation
  Rose: opens the heart to give and receive love
  Rutilated: freedom, repels negativity, balances emotions/body
  Satya Mani: clarifies energy, inner truth, spiritual awareness
  Smoky: learning, thinking, creativity, protects from negativity
  Snow: wonder, innocence, hope, awareness, control of tantrums
  Star Rose: radiates unconditional love
  Tangerine: open-mindedness, eases shock and trauma
  Tibetan: connects to “Om” and ancient cultures, centering


Rhodochrosite: love, balance, heart, sexuality, finding soulmate
Rhodonite: love, forgiveness, understanding, opens one’s heart
Rhyolite: believed to be for past-life healing, moving forward, self-respect
Rose Aura: helps with emotional trauma, forgiveness, loving-kindness
Ruby: passion, courage, strength, virtue, commitment, protection
Ruby in Fuchsite: positivity, self-worth, composure


Sandstone: creativity, understanding, cohesiveness, solidarity
Sapphire: wisdom, joy, mental peace, intuition, awareness of beauty
Sardonyx: strength, willpower, integrity, stamina, vigour, happiness and stability in marriage and partnerships
Scolecite: expressions of love, pleasant dreams/sleep, team spirit
Selenite: energy, calms hyperactivity, balances confusion, decisions
  Selenite (fishtail): awakens inner child, stabilizes emotions
  Selenite (peach): emotional transformation, self-acceptance
Septarian: open communication in groups, flexibility, tolerance
Seraphinite: Divine Feminine, living from the heart, angelic connections, enlightenment
Serpentine: clears paths for Kundalini to rise, meditation
Shattuckite: reconciliation, renewal, harmony
Shiva Lingam: unites male and female energy, wisdom, clarity
Shungite: (stone of life) EMF protection, recovery
Sodalite: facilitates group functions, self expression, truth, trust
Specularite: protection, grounding, manifesting talents, said to be for healing
Spirit Quartz: cooperation and intimacy in relationships
Staurolite: (fairy cross) protection, group rituals and prayers,
Stibnite: journeying, releases negativity, helps cut unwanted ties
Stilbite: creativity, intuition, openness, potent detoxifier
Stromatolite: persistence, stability, maturity, versatility, brainstorming, good for group think tanks
Sugilite: regarded as a powerful healer, awareness, self-confidence, conflict resolution, reduces over-sensitivity
Sulphur: absorbs negativity, removes barriers to progress
Sunstone: warms the heart, lifts and rejuvenates the spirit, contact with spirit guides, luck


Tanzanite: leadership, speaking the truth, links heart, mind, voice
Tektite: strengthen aura, enjoyment of the present, balances male and female energies, releases fear
Tiger Eye: wealth, manifestation, patience, focus, courage, confidence, will-power, determination
  Blue: communication, reduces stress and phobias, public speaking, calms quick tempers
  Red: composure, creativity, cooperation, quick thinking/action
Topaz (blue): reliability in word and action, truthfulness, forgiveness, maturity, vision
Topaz (imperial golden): health and wealth, inspiration, personal success, optimism, eliminates procrastination
  Black: protects against negativity, radiation and external influences, promotes relaxation and sleep
  Green: abundance, health, environmental awareness, goodwill
  Pink: trust in love, communication, understanding in conflict
  Watermelon: activates heart chakra, love, friendship, security
  In Quartz: strength, self-acceptance, compassion, harmony
Turquoise: (regarded as a master healer) travel protection, intuition, friendship


Ulexite: dream interpretation, revelation, clarity of vision
Unakite: seen to be a past-life healer, psychic vision, negates EMF fields


Vesuvianite: inquiry, cooperation, lifts anger, depression, fear


Zincite: manifestation, energy, creativity, personal strength
Zoisite: truth, clarity, decisiveness, manifestation of true self
Zoisite with Ruby: psychic ability, altered states, creativity