In the Tertiary Period, vast rainforests blanketed the many islands of Indonesia. Erupting volcanoes buried these forests in deep ash and lava, killing off microbes that would have rotted the wood. Over eons of time, surrounding minerals leached into the wood, leaving much of the grain patterning intact – a remarkable record of ancient life on Earth!  The many colours come from minerals, such as agate, chalcedony and opal. Consider with wonder that you are looking at the remains of a tree that once provided food and shelter for the dinosaurs, 200 million years ago! Petrified Wood is said to be a powerful stone for removing obstacles, smoothing the path for success in one’s endeavours. We carry Petrified wood from all over the world, mainly, U.S.A (Arizona, Oregon, Washington), Madagascar, and Indonesia. Species include Oak, Sequoia and Sycamore.

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