Tiger Iron Skull


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Tiger iron is a mixture of tiger eye, red jasper and hematite. Sometimes tiger iron contains stromatolites (the earths oldest fossils) which can date back to more than 3.5 billion years.

With a tiger’s spectacular colouring and sheen, Tiger Eye is a stone that offers one the gifts of the tiger. Patience, focus, determination, decisiveness, courage and grace are thought to be absorbed into the being of those that use this powerful stone. Some believe the name Tiger Eye also comes from this stone’s unique flash that seems to leap off its surface and resemble the gleam of a tiger’s eye at night. This effect is called chatoyancy. It refers to a changeable silky luster resulting
from light being reflected within thin, parallel, fibrous mineral bands. The most beautiful specimens come from southwestern Africa, particularly Namibia. With its rich, golden colour, Tiger’s Eye is also thought to be a stone of wealth and manifestation.

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