Serpentine and Hematite skull


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The name Serpentine comes from the Latin serpentinus, meaning “serpent rock,” because it’s thought to resemble the skin of a snake. Serpentine is also referred to as “New Jade.” Since antiquity, Serpentine has been used as a protection stone against everything from sorcery and the dark arts to poisonous creatures. Romans crafted vessels from Serpentine as it was thought to shatter when it came in contact with poison. In the 19th century, Serpentine was discovered to be fire
resistant and has since been used in many materials and fabrics. Today, it is used as a meditation stone to help find inner peace, balance mood swings, and find harmonious resolution to conflicts. Due to its association with snakes, Serpentine is also used to help Kundalini rise.


Hematite (iron oxide), also known as Alaska Black Diamond has such a high sheen when polished that long ago it was used for mirrors. Because iron was traditionally associated with Mars (the Roman god of war) warriors used to rub their bodies with it before battle as protection. Native American folklore also suggests Hematite war paint provided invincibility. The ancient Egyptians liked hematite as a calming stone, carved it into amulets and used it as an inscription stone for parts of the Book of the Dead. Meaning “blood stone” (from Greek), Hematite was traditionally used to heal blood disorders and worn as an amulet against bleeding. Hematite is said to be grounding, bring concentration and increase intuition.

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