Fossil Crinoid Skull


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Crinoids are animals that look like flowers. Also known as “sea lilies” from the Greek “krion” (lily) and “eidos” (form), crinoids still live today. First appearing in the fossil record 530 million years ago, this class has both flourished and narrowly survived several mass extinctions, making them one of the most successful life forms on Earth. Crinoids are
composed of four main parts, the holdfast which anchors them to the ocean floor, the stem, the calyx which contains internal organs and 5-200 feeding arms. Fossil Crinoids were gathered by the Ancients and used for medicine, religion and adornment. Today many museums and collectors display these delicate and exquisite fossils. This majestic Crinoid garden flourished in an ancient sea covering Morocco half a billion years ago.

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