From the deep blue Lapis Lazuli found in Afghanistan, to the brilliant purple Amethyst of Uruguay, the Earth offers a natural palette of colours that is truly mind blowing! We are thrilled to showcase some of these miracles of creation—gemstones, crystals and unique minerals hand-picked by a buyer with over 30 years experience. Although this is only a small taste of our collection, we do have a large selection of minerals in various price points and sizes. If there’s something specific you wish for and you don’t see it here, just let us know!


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Smokey Quartz with Amazonite

Smokey Quartz with Amazonite


This is an incredible specimen. It’s rare to find such a clear smokey quartz crystal but for it to grow with amazonite is really, really unique.

W 3.25″ x L 4″ x H 8.5″



Chocolate Opal from Ethiopia

1.5″ W  x  1″ H  x  .5″ D